Thursday, January 21, 2010

Almost at $4000!!!

As of today my fundraising is at $3933.70!! If you put that into miles on the course relative to my $5000 goal it's mile 20.5, just at the bottom of heartbreak hill. I just need to get over the hill and on to Boston and I'll be past my goal before I even start to taper for the race!! :)

Speaking of training, this week is flying by. I did 6 miles Sunday, rested Monday(but shoveled A LOT, so not totally a rest day), quick easy 4 miles Tuesday morning with yak trax and head lamp, rest day yesterday because I was at work for 11 hours and too tired when I left to go to the gym, then an hour of intervals on the eliptical today and some stretching and tomorrow is Friday already!

I registered for the Eastern States 20 miler today as my last long run before Boston. It's March 28th and goes from Kittery, Maine to Salisbury, Mass. Last year it was freezing cold, windy, and pouring rain. It was an epic run. I hope the weather is better this year, but the run is just as epic. I tried to find a half marathon to do the next weekend, but it's Easter so there are no races. Boooo!

Cheesecake drawing is going good so far. Slow start to selling tickets, but I'm not doing the drawing until February 10th so there's still plenty of time for people to get in on it. I've already raised $150 and then I'm planning on having a party in February too so hopefully that will put me over the goal and I can focus on running in March and April. I'll still remind people to donate and remind them I'm running for Dana Farber. I really like to overachieve so hitting the goal will be nice, but exceeding it will be even better.

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