Sunday, January 17, 2010

I still can't believe I ran 40 miles last weekend

I did spin class yesterday morning and went for a nice east 6 mile run this morning. Legs are fine, pace was good, weather perfect, resting heart rate this morning good (58bpm), feel pretty good. Insane.

I went to the book store yesterday to check out the new Runner's World cookbook that is out, 'Athlete's Palate' and see if it had anything worth trying in it. The book was more of a running book about chefs that run sprinkled with a few recipes, very disappointing. So, I wandered over to the running section of the store and triathlon books happen to be in the same section. I bought an Ironman training book. I've been talking with a few friends about doing a half ironman next fall. So much for focusing on one thing at a time. I did buy a Boston Marathon book too.

Anyway, I'm also trying to collect some things to create a scrapbook of my experience, but I don't know if I should start the scrapbook at the beginning of my running journey 3yrs ago or if I should make it only Boston Marathon stuff. Tough call. I'll probably end up doing a small Boston only scrapbook. I want to put the letter from Dana Farber saying I made the team in there and the entry form for Boston and my acceptance card and eventually my bib# too. Hopefully, lots of pictures from the course too. I can't believe it's only 3 months away.

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