Saturday, January 30, 2010

Another rest day and a great DFMC group run

So, I woke up yesterday and my resting heart rate was still really high and I still felt sluggish and when I got home from work I had a wicked bad headache. I decided my body was screaming for some rest and I gave it exactly what it needed. I got about 12 hours of sleep and got up refreshed and ready to run.

Had breakfast and hopped in my car to head to the Greater Boston Running Company in Lexington for a DFMC group run. The temperature reading in my car said it was 6 degrees out and it warmed up to a balmy 7 degrees as I drove to Lexington. With the right layers and preparation and training cold doesn't really feel that cold. I didn't realize exactly how cold it was until I took a gel at mile 8 in the 12 mile run and went to wash it down with some water from my fuel belt and quickly realized my water was frozen solid. Then to really put the exclaimation point on how friggin cold it was a guy from the team that finished the run shortly after me approached the final water stop with icicles on his hat!!! I'm not talking just a little sweaty frost. I'm talking a good inch and a half chunk of ice on either side of his head near his temples. WOW!

Anyway, it was cold, but it felt really good. I ran strong and finished the run in a little under 2 hours. Could have kept going, but didn't want to over do it. It was my first double digit run since the Goofy and it was AWESOME!

This week ended really well for my fundraising too. I posted a message on my company's message board and immediately got 5 new donations and company matches! Thank you Pfizer colleagues! It's a company board and I'm not really sure what it's purpose is, but people post everything on there from complaints about the options in a particular vending machine to gripes about the smoking policy. Someone told me it's not suppose to be used for fundraising, but I figured putting a more positive message out there and actually taking action for a good cause was worth the risk of having the message deleted. Turns out a lot of people agree with me. I hope it stays up and gets even more positive feedback (and donations). I'm sick of reading about the smoking policy. :)

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