Wednesday, February 24, 2010

L street 13 miler and brakes

Sunday I got up early, turns out I got up too early. I swear my body is ready for day light savings time already. I have been going to sleep an hour early and waking up an hour early for like 2 weeks. It's annoying, but when March 14th gets here I'll be ready. Anyway, Sunday, I got up too early so I just chilled had an extra cup of tea and read "Born to Run" and before I knew it, my friend Antonio was outside waiting for me to go to L Street Running Club in Boston for their weekly long run. We picked up another friend Jenna and headed to Southie.

What a gorgeous day for a run, mid-40s and sunny. A little windy, but the wind was at our backs for the second half of the run. We ran through Boston, around the common, over the bridge to the Charles, along the river, across to the Cambridge side, along the river some more and back across to Boston and back through the city to the club. It was fun, but I have to admit I felt a little out of my element. I decided I much more of a country girl than a city girl. As much as I'd like to have Sarah Jessica Parker's clothes and swanky lifestyle writing a column for a magazine, when it comes to running I prefer long back country roads with trees and animals and no cars to the hustle and bustle of downtown Boston and traffic lights and taxi cabs.

We did roughly 13 miles. The people at L Street were extremely friendly and welcoming. If you're a city girl (or guy) I definitely recommend joining the club. They were great. Water stops with volunteers at a few different spots along the way and food and drinks at the finish. Overall a great day and a great run.

Monday I was really bummed because I wanted to go to the gym and lift (I never actually WANT to lift) and do a little much needed strength work, but I had to drive to the Subaru Dealership to buy new brake pads instead. I was expecting traffic so I left directly from work and went to the dealership, skipping the gym completely. There was no traffic and I got there and home within an hour. I totally could have gone to the gym, but oh well. I got home early and made a delicious dinner of a fresh salad and some shrimp scampi. Then I finished "Born to Run". Great book. Funny story about long distance running and runners. Enjoyable and enlightening.

Yesterday I scrambled out of work to the gym so ready to run my legs were practically twitching. I did 6 miles. Felt a little weird like I couldn't breath, or my heart rate monitor strap was too tight. I'm not sure if I was running harder than I thought or if my body hasn't totally recovered from my cold last week. Either way, I finished the run, felt good and totally forgot to stretch and do some lifting before I left the gym. I was too focused on eating the leftovers from my yummy dinner the night before.

Today I will have to skip the gym again. I have a dentist appointment this afternoon and then I have to get home and eat before I head into Boston for the Runners meeting. I really hope that Storrow Drive isn't flooded with all the rain we're getting today. That would suck. I'm really looking forward to the meeting though. Nancy Clark is the guest speaker. I have two of her books and follow them religiously. I hope I can get her to sign them.

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