Sunday, February 7, 2010

Firemen and a 14 miler

Yesterday I volunteered at the Race Up Boston Place. It's a stair climb event to benefit American Lung Association and lots of local fire depts. compete with their full gear on. It's pretty impressive. 789 stairs, the guy that won it (non-firefighter) did it in just over 4 minutes!!! I think the fastest fireman did it in 6 something. I don't think I could do that without 60 lbs. of gear nevermind with it. So, that's badass. It was a ton of fun and all for a great cause.

This morning, well closer to afternoon, I got dressed and went out for my long run. 14 miles. It was cold and windy. I wasn't feelin it, I kind of woke up with a sore throat from screaming when we cheered for the climbers at the end of the day and it was friggin freezing out and really windy which made it feel even more cold. But once I got going the miles went by pretty fast. I started out with the first 3 miles of every run I do, down 133 away from Lowell and up my favorite hill into Tewksbury and then Andover. Then through the back roads of Andover and down Haggetts Pond road, a long downhill section that always hurts a little. Across 133 and back into Tewksbury over some rolling hills and then the never ending hill I like to think of as Tewksbury's heartbreak hill, North St. It's huge and LONG. Then it's back to where I started, the first 3 miles back to my house in reverse, down the big hill and back up 133 to my house. Very nice except for the stupid wind.

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