Friday, December 25, 2009

Awesome 6 miler followed by a feast

Slow and lazy start to the day today. Made some waffles and had some tea and eventually got dressed and went for a run. The sun was out and for once the temperature was above freezing. I only needed one pair of pants and one pair of gloves. My legs were a little stiff from the 14 miler yesterday, but I still made quick work of my 6 mile out and back. Powered up the huge hill and turned around and came home. Hopped in the shower and headed to a friend's house for Christmas dinner and to play with my favorite adopted nephew, Zander. Beef tenderloin that melted in my mouth and baked potato and my favorite - green beans. THANKS Jen and Scott for a great meal!! And thanks Zander for playing cars and trains with me.

Christmas eve was great too. Shrimp scampi, crab cakes, spinach salad, and my chocolate cheesecake for a very special birthday girl, Madison Rose. Thanks to the entire Wright family for inviting me to join and making me feel like part of the family. It was so fun to watch Madison and her sister Dylann getting ready for Santa to come. Writing a note and leaving cookies and milk, and christmas dust. A whole new thing that kids do now, it's oats to attract the reindeer and sparkles to guide them to your house. Cute!

The whole holiday experience made me wish I was a kid again and saw Christmas through those innocent eyes again, all the magic and pure joy. I'm totally jealous of them. I really wish I saw it that way. Anyway, it was a great holiday and I got in a few runs too. Only a few more days until Disney!!!! I can't wait.

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