Thursday, December 10, 2009

Goofy getting closer

I got my bib#s for the Disney half and full, less than a month to go. Two more weekends of back to back long runs and then taper. I'm feeling pretty good. I did an hour of intervals on the eliptical yesterday just to switch it up a little then a quick easy 4 miles after work today. It was cold and windy, but nice. I need to get new shoes tomorrow. My feet and knees are starting to feel it and I want to break the shoes in on my long runs so I have at least 50 miles on them before Goofy.

My pace has still been really great. About a minute per mile faster than my training paces this summer. Maybe that's just prrof that I'm a cold weather runner. Me and heat do not mix. I really hope it's not hot in Florida the weekend of Goofy. I will do my best no matter what but it would be awesome if it was 50 and overcast and I totally rocked it.

On the fundraising front, I'm doing really awesome. I hit just over $1800 today and the second cheesecake drawing is tomorrow and I'm already over $400 for that. So, with that deposit and a few matching gifts I'll be half way to my goal of $5000. I can't say thank you enough for all the support and donations I'm getting. After tomorrow I have to prepare for my wine tasting. Clean my house, put together gift bags for attendees, finalize the guestlist, get some cheese and small apps and bake a cheesecake, then select the wines. I hope I get at least 5-6 people, otherwise we'll only really be able to taste a few wines. I can't really open 10 bottles for 4 people.

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