Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Just me and my shadow

Got up early this morning and put on several layers, my headlamp, blinky light, reflective vest, and mittens and went for a nice easy 6 mile run. Out the door at 5:45am. It was dark and cold. The condensation created by my breath made it harder to see than the fact that the sun wasn't up yet. Glad I put on an extra pair of pants, my thin tights would not have been warm enough. I think it was in the low 20s. It was just barely freezing when I got back.

It is so funny and I laugh at myself every time this happens, but whenever I'm biking or running early in the morning, it's quiet, dark, and kind of eery and at some point I pass under a light post or the light on someone's front porch or even the headlights of a passing car then my shadow races past me and scares the crap out of me like some silent runner/cyclist sneaking up on me and wizzing by. Usually it's about halfway into my run and I'm just getting relaxed and in the zone and then it passes me. I jump and then bust out laughing at myself.

Anyway, I dropped another deposit envelope in the mail this morning and will have another one on Friday from the second cheesecake raffle which is looking like it will be just as successful as the first one. These two deposits as soon as they get added to my page should put me over $2000. Making great progress and I hope I can keep it up. At this pace I will hit my goal of $5000 by April no problem.

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