Sunday, December 6, 2009

Snowy Sunday 16 miler

Ok, really Mother Nature, was that necessary? It looks pretty and all, but running 16 miles in it with stuff falling off trees and down the collar of my shirt and people driving by and splashing me with a nasty slushy mess and then if that wasn't enough a nice strong head wind for the last 6 miles. Thanks! It was a tough run, but I finished it, feet soaking wet, lips a little blue and missing another toenail. Now I'm cold, hungry and tired. Got the hot shower done, now I just need some food and a nap to make my day complete.

I was thinking most of the way through my run, this is tough but probably not as tough as fighting cancer. Not as tough as hearing a doctor tell you you have cancer, or your loved one has cancer. Not as tough as chemo or bone marrow transplants. Not as tough as being poked by needles non-stop and spending days and weeks and even months in the hospital instead of being outside or home or out with friends. Not even close to as tough as watching your child die before you and long before they even have a chance at life. Not even my toughest run can compare to any of the battles people face when it comes to fighting cancer.

I only wish I could do more to help this cause. I hope that I can spread the word and raise a lot of money and I hope that one day this war will end and no one will ever have to fight cancer again.

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