Thursday, December 3, 2009

Nothin like a good @$$ whoopin workout

Today flew by at work, I was able to post a message on my company's informal message board today and spread the word and within an hour or so of posting it I already had a donation, thank you Pfizer colleagues! Now I just hope that my post stays on top of the discussions above "the vending machines are broken" and "why are we making banana flavored cat drugs". I'm not even joking, it's hilarious stuff to read so I really hope my post can compete.

After work, I headed to the gym for some intervals on the eliptical and then a 30 minute personal training session thanks to someone in my office area that didn't want a freebie they won from an incentive program. Their loss was my gain. I was put through a great 30 minute strength session with Tim, the trainer (thanks TIM!!!). On my way home, I could barely lift the weight of my own arms to steer my car. Such a good feeling. I can't wait to see how I feel tomorrow.

Oh yeah and I almost forgot, I contacted the media woman from the runners meeting about the press releases they plan to do to our hometown newspapers and told her the paper in Portland, ME might be particularly interested in my story because my mom is a pretty well known and loved politician in the city and about a year ago they did an article on her and the battle she fought against breast cancer. So, here's hoping they do a follow up article about me running the marathon. I really want to promote the healthy lifestyle I now lead and the great things Dana Farber can do for cancer research with a little help from generous donations. Cross your fingers for me!

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