Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Headlamp and blinkie lights!

This morning I got up early had some tea and my breakfast, then used my headlamp and blinkie lights for a run in the dark. So much fun! The headlamp is a little snug on my head and started to bother me towards the end of my 6 mile run, but that could also be because I have a huge head. Anyway, I did 6 miles and watched the sun come up just as I was finishing my run. It was cold out, but didn't feel as cold as the thermometer said it was. I love running in the cold. Who am I kidding, I love running in any weather except extreme heat. This morning was really nice though. I kept a quick pace and blew through the miles like it was nothin. Finished up and got a cup a tea and second breakfast.

No updates on the fundraising, I mailed in more matching gifts forms and I'm waiting to see if I get any donations in the mail or online since my letters should be reaching their desinations this week. It will be exciting to see the cheesecake raffle money go officially up on my webpage. That will be a huge bump up. I should be able to seel more tickets tomorrow and over the next week. Hopefully this raffle will be even more successful than the first one. I gotta go it's dinner time and my tummy needs FOOD. More info soon.

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