Tuesday, December 29, 2009

GOOFY is coming

OMG I just read the final race instructions for the Goofy Challenge and I'm starting to freak out. I'm actually doing it. A half marathon AND a full marathon. I'm so excited and so nervous. It didn't really hit me until today. I just got butterflies in my gut. I have to get both my bib numbers and a wrist band and then run the half and get a new wrist band and then run the full and then get my GOOFY MEDAL!!!! Holy crap. I can't believe it's next week. That snuck up on me really fast. I'm totally ready and trained, I just need to do the hardest part now - REST. It doesn't help that I'm on vacation and bored and I want to run or go to the gym. I gotta find something else to fill my time. Next week is gonna fly by and then I'll be in Florida! Woohoo.

Well, on the training front, I did a nice easy spin class today. Just sort of cruised. The music was so chill I could have taken a nap on the bike. :) And then I did take a nap when I got home. After I donated the last of my fat clothes to Salvation Army and got my car inspected. So, I guess it was technically a rest day. Tomorrow I want to do a short run, maybe 3-4 miles. It will be tough to not do 6 miles. I feel lazy doing a short run, but my body needs to rest now not push and challenge myself. Now is not the time for that, I have to hold onto that urge and that energy for next weekend. I have a nice easy tune up race Friday in Lowell, Lowell's First Run 10K. Then it's pretty much takin it easy til I fly down to Florida.

As for Fundraising, a ton of the company matches from Wyeth/Pfizer showed up today on the webpage and brought me to $2608.70!!! Over the halfway mark. And some of the checks I mailed in after my wine tasting haven't showed up yet so I should be really close to $3000. I just want to hit $5000 before April so that when race day comes I can run and feel good about hitting both of my goals, running Boston and raising money for a great cause.

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