Thursday, November 19, 2009

Back at it

Ok, so I took two rest days and my resting heart rate was still a little high yesterday, but I went for a run afterwork anyways. It felt GREAT! I was kinda stiff in the first 2 miles, but that was probably more from the 4" heels I wore to work than the 2 days off. Once my legs loosened up a bit and I got to the first good hill I was cruisin. I ended up doing just over 5 miles and finished just before the sun went down.

This morning my resting heart rate was back to 60bpm, as if my body is saying thanks for the good run. So, today I plan to do another easy 4-6 mile run afterwork. It's suppose to be perfect running weather, mid-50s and sunny with a little bit of bite in the air as it cools down. I LOVE the fall in New England!

I just hope that December is as nice as November has been and I don't have to do my 20 miler for Disney in the snow. That will not be fun. I'll do it, but it will not be fun. I'll just have to think about the warm Florida sun and running through Cinderella's castle not once, but TWICE this year because I'm going GOOFY! Half on Saturday and Full Marathon on Sunday. I have a feeling I'll be buying one of those shirts at the expo that says, "this seemed like a good idea a few months ago".

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