Monday, November 16, 2009

What a great weekend

Even though the weather was not as nice as I would have liked it was overall a very good running weekend.

Saturday morning I got up early, made my favorite pre-run breakfast - English muffin with peanut butter, banana, and honey. I had a small cup of coffee and got dressed, put on my reflective vest and headed out the door. It was misting a little but not bad and WARM. A lot warmer than I expected it to be. I did a nice easy 6 miles (6.15 to be exact). Felt great.

After my run, it was off to Boston for the first timers meeting at Dana Farber. I was really glad I got my run in early because the rain was coming down in sheets by the time I was driving into Boston. There were 2 accidents and Storrow Drive was flooded. I got a little lost too because the google maps directions were not very good, but I figured it out. The meeting was great. I got to meet some of the other team members and mingle with the staff and board members. They presented some great information on training and fundraising. Then I headed home. When I got home my invitational entry form was in the mail! What an awesome surprise to come home to. Way better than bills and junk mail.

Sunday morning I slept in a little and eventually rolled out of bed for my longer run (12 miles). My resting heart rate was a little high, but I attributed it to the excitement of the previous day. Made my breakfast and a cup of coffee and suited up for another wet, warm run. It was just misting again and it looked like the sun was trying to burn through the clouds. The first few miles were a little fast so I slowed down and just enjoyed the peaceful morning run. By mile 7 or so I realized my 12 mile loop was going to be closer to 13 or 14. Oh well. I felt great and had plenty of water and gels. The last 2 miles were a bit of a struggle, but I still managed to finish at a decent pace and feelin good.

As soon as I got home I continued my Sunday morning ritual with a trip to the Rite Aid down the street for 30lbs. of ice and I got some milk for a recovery smoothie too. Chatted with the kid at the counter about running and races, he's a high school track runner that I see almost every weekend while I'm training. His season is just finishing up and mine is just starting. Got home, turned the heat up, filled the tub with cold water, made my smoothie, added the ice to the tub, put on my hooded sweatshirt and a hat and clipped my ipod to the hood, set the timer for 20 minutes and hopped in the tub. After a few minutes of pain, I settled in and picked up my latest issue of runners world to pass the time. Speaking of time, I forgot to start the timer! So I got a few extra minutes of ice bathing. :)

A nice hot shower and hot bowl of homemade minestrone soup put me in a good food coma to finish up the weekend.

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