Thursday, November 26, 2009

Feaster 5

I took a rest day yesterday after a LONG day at work. I kept telling myself on my way home, "you'll feel better if you go for a run" but when I got home I just wanted to veg out and relax. So, I relaxed and saved my legs for the feaster 5 this morning. I got up early and had some tea and my usual breakfast and got a text from my friend Anne who was running the race with me. She was on her way to pick me up.

I put on my running gear and headed out the front door to meet her. It was really foggy and eery out. We got to Andover pretty early and no one was there, well, people were there, but not nearly as many people as I'm use to seeing there. Maybe I just couldn't see because of the fog.

We hung out and waited for the race to start and bumped into a few familiar faces. Then the announcer started and the national anthem was sung. It really bothers me when people don't take their hats off for the national anthem. I'm not from a military family or even very patriotic, but its just disrespectful. I'm not sure why, but it bothers me a lot.

Anyway, the race got started and as I tried to get into a comfortable groove, I had to dodge and weave around all the WALKERS! OMG, they even had a separate corral for walkers and strollers and dogs and there were people up in the 7 minute mile corral WALKING in jeans with their entire families across the damn road. I was tempted to yell obscenities at them, but there were small children around and I like to think I'm more mature than that. It was very tempting though. I might just write a letter to the race organizers to have a separate start time for walkers next year. It was really frustrating. I still managed to finish in 27 minutes. 9:30 for the first mile, 8:30 for the second mile and the 8:07 for the last mile and the finish was up a giant hill for the last tenth of a mile. That was tough, but I did it.

I guess even with the frustration, it was still a pretty good run, but I wonder how much faster that first mile could have been if I didn't have to go around all the damn walkers! Afterwards, everyone headed home for big feasts and I headed home for a hot shower and a nap. Newmans Own frozen cheese pizza was my feast. No where to go this year, not really a fan of the holidays anyway.

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