Friday, November 20, 2009

Boo boo belly and tummy troubles

I was going to title this "bad runs", but then thought of the bad play on words. Yesterday I experienced what every runner has experienced at one time or another, boo boo belly. I went out for a 6 mile trail run with a friend and about 2 miles in my tummy started rumbling. Had to cut the run short and turn around. Lucky for me, my friend's parents house was on the way back and I was able to make a pit stop.

It brings to mind something my friend once told me, "the only run you regret is the one you don't do". Some days are good, some days are bad, but every day you run is better than not running at all (unless you're overtraining and need a rest day). Although I got a little upset stomach, the run was still pretty good. I ended up doing about 5 miles and the first 3 were solid and at a pretty fast pace.

It's so important during training to watch what you eat and pay attention to how your body reacts. I now know that eating a lot of fresh fruit at lunchtime is a bad idea if I want to go for a run after work. I've also learned that yogurt and granola for breakfast doesn't work any more, Running induced lactose intollerance.

Anyway, enough about tummy troubles. The cheesecake raffle drawing is today. I've raised just over $300!! I can't wait to go to the bank after work and get the check to send in to Dana Farber. This will definitely put me over $1000 for November. Off to a great start. I hope I do just as good in the coming months. I plan to do another cheesecake raffle for the holidays and send out my letters at the beginning of December. I might even do a holiday wine tasting and charge people a $20 donation. I'll supply the wine and food, they supply a donation. If I get 5 people to come that's $100!

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