Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

Black Friday pretty much describes the weather outside. I got up early this morning, not super early, but a little early and did attempt to fight the crowds at the stores. I needed to get a few things, CDs to burn my favorite running songs onto for my wine tasting guests in a few weeks and a steam mop to clean my floors so my house is presentable for the wine tasting. The CDs were pretty easy, staples wasn't nearly as packed as Target. The line to checkout in target was something like a 2hr wait. Staples only took ~15-20 minutes. I had to go to 3 different Targets to find the steam mop that was on sale. I finally got it and went home and tried it out. It's AWESOME!!!

Anyway, enough about shopping, I wanted to do a short run today, but after a long morning of searching the stores I was kinda tired and the urge to take a nap won over the plan to go for a run. I fell asleep on my couch and slept for 2hrs. Got up refreshed and ready for a run. Went out in the nasty cold, windy, drizzle and did a quick 4 miler. 4.15 to be exact. Nice and easy, out and back, a few hills, but nothing too tough. Got home took a hot shower and now I'm ready to burn some CDs.

I got one of my letters back in the mail today. I guess the old address I had for one of my friends is no longer good. But lucky for me, the post office put her new address on the envelope they sent back to me. So, hopefully I can reconnect with an old friend and help Dana Farber in the process.

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